It started with a dream.

Peggy has always dreamed about having an apple orchard, but the dream would have to wait. Caring for patients in our community as a family physician (Peggy) and emergency physician (Ed) while raising three boys was the top priority.

In 2012 an opportunity came up to purchase a very distressed property within sight of Lake Michigan. It was hard to see the future vision under the heaps of garbage, furniture, concrete, barbed wire, 6 foot tall reed canary grass and thousands of beer cans in the ruin. Over the next two years we literally cleaned up the entire property and slowed the deterioration of the ruin by stabilizing the remaining structure.

The hard work of converting the wasteland and former corn & soybean field started in earnest, and Ed & Peggy attended the UW Wisconsin Extension school for beginning commercial apple growers. Knowing nothing about growing apples, we believe we are the only attendees to actually take the course twice!

Check back soon for more chapters in the farm story... to be continued!